Future Litters

We have a structured and well planned breeding programme set-out for the forthcoming years.

In compiling this plan we took into consideration the health and well-being of the dogs we plan to breed with and the likely conformity of any puppies to be born in relation to the KC standards for the Havanese breed.

We DO recommend that if you are interested in purchasing one of our puppies you contact us in the first instance via emailing cjxcx@msn.com as soon as possible to be placed on our waiting list of potential owners.


Our Puppies

Thank you for your enquiry of my precious Havanese puppies. I am absolutely positive that you will be ecstatic when you get to hold and be a proud owner of one of the most rare, exquisite, and lovable puppies in the U.K.

Havanablast puppies are registered with the Kennel Club.

All Sires/Dams are patella and eye tested, and health evaluated annually. Havanablast puppies come with technical assistance from me for life.

Pet/companion quality does not mean that a puppy is inferior in health or disposition. Not all potential show quality puppies end up in show homes. Some are placed as pet/companions with a spay/neuter agreement and registration restriction

Socialisation - many breeders in the UK do not socialise their pups well, many Top UK Show breeders work full time and rarely see the litters they have. Most do not have children and they never get to see children. In my honest opinion that is a breeder to stay away from. The most important part of a dogs life is its first 6 weeks. All of my dogs are handled after day 2 , they are living with us , other pets and children, noisy kids. They are exercised several times daily with us and mum, they are not shut away and only ever see a human when feeding time happens. Bonding sessions are a must if you want one of my pups. I have approx one litter a year. If a breeder is having a minimum of 5-10 litters yearly the quality of that pup will suffer. ASK breeders how many litters they have yearly. I have spent some time watching the pups you have bought and spent some time attempting to show them how to be socially functioning puppies, all responded well in that short space of time, but all pups need stimulating for more than 2 hours per day.

During the adoption process, I prefer to get acquainted and exchange information by email, phone and visits. This will give me a good understanding of the home you are planning for your Havanese puppy and find the best match for you. I will be happy to email photos and videos to serious enquiries.

On a very rare occasion, adult Havanese can become available to a carefully selected home

If you are looking for distinctive qualities in a companion or show puppy, please contact me to reserve a beautiful puppy from a future litter.

Reservations are recommended.

Our Previous Litters

buffyxbumble 2019
Buffy x Bumble Born 22nd May 2019

babexbear 2018
Babe x Bear Born 19th April 2018

buffyxbear 2017
Buffy x Bear Born 30th October 2017

beccyxbumble 2017
Beccy x Bumble Born 30th April 2017

buffyxbumble 2016
Buffy x Bumble Born 7th October 2016

babexbumble 2016
Babe x Bumble Born 10th March 2016

bellaxhavi 2015
Bella x Havi Born 1st March 2015

buffyxblitzy 2014
Buffy x Blitzy Born 29th April 2014

bellaxbandit 2013
Bella x Bandit Born 3rd June 2013

bellaxbuster 2012
Bella x Buster Born 23rd March 2012

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