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Our names are Carol & Gary, and we are proud to be the only breeders in East Yorkshire. There are fewer than 15 reputable Havanese breeders in the U.K. We are proud to be one of those who bring you this rare and exquisite breed.

We have always been passionate about animals, but dogs are our absolute favourite. We wouldn't know what our life's would be like without dogs being a part of it. When our West Highland Terrier passed on, we took a little time to research what kind of dog we would get next. On the internet we found a picture of the most beautiful dog we had ever seen. It stole our hearts. We found out it was a Bichon Havanese. We could see a very confident "love me, I am so worth it" spirit in its eyes. After reading about their characteristics and special qualities, we knew the Havanese was the breed we wanted.

Havanablast started out with one male Havanese named Buster, and then a second male named Blitzy. 4 years on a female named Cilla who has produced amazing litters, Blitzy being the father of her last, as she has now retired. We chose to start this way, so we could devote our undivided attention to one litter at a time and to learning what constitutes a good breeder.

Since these humble beginnings, we have over the past 12 years introduced several new Havanese to our pack and have had the pleasure of raising many litters of healthy puppies.

Our Havanese litters are raised in our family home. We take great care to see that each puppy is nurtured, socialized and well on its way to being crate trained and house broken by the time they reach their forever homes. This makes their transition to a new home much smoother for both the puppy and their new owner. By having the puppies so close at hand, we become very familiar with each one's personality enabling us to match them up perfectly with their selectively chosen human. We have lots of fun too.

We breed for healthy show potential dogs, not for profit. All our dogs are health tested yearly, and follow the breed standard as guided by K.C.

If you wish to have a happy, healthy, loving Havanablast puppy join your family, reservations are recommended.

Please contact me to reserve your special puppy from a future litter.

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